Window Blind Repair Tools

...Window blind repair tools for all types of blinds.

(used tool no returns) Hole Punch
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(used tool no returns) Hole Punch $49.99 1 (in stock) Buy Now
Repair Tool - Yarn Pick (No Returns)
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Repair Tool - Yarn Pick (No Returns) $19.99 2 (in stock) Buy Now
Threading Tool
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Threading Tool $1.49 86 (in stock) Buy Now
Vertical clip removal tool (tool only, no returns)
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Vertical clip removal tool (tool only, no returns) $19.99 2 (in stock) Buy Now

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1 x Part NV020-(Salvaged Part)
1 x Part NV007- Vertical Track Kirsch Carrier(Salvaged Part)
1 x Part NV029- Valance Clip Fits On Top Of A 1 7/8" Headrail
1 x Part NV037 Click On Picture For Information
1 x Part NV005D- Hunter Douglas Carrier Uses Metal Link
1 x Part NV003B- Small Vertical Track Carrier
1 x Part NV030A- Valance Corner
1 x Part NV012B- Vertical Carrier For HD #2
1 x Part NV027-#10 Vertical Chain Connector
1 x Part NV012B2- Metal Link
1 x Part NV017-2.4mm White Vertical Track Cord($0.15 per foot)
1 x Part NV001-$0.15 Per Clip and Chain(no returns)
1 x Part NV021a- Vertical Stopper
1 x Part NV001B-$0.35 Per Clip With Metal Chain(no returns)
1 x Part NV001A Fabric Weight
1 x Part NV023C-Vertical Clip And Base
1 x Part NV031 -Replacement Stem (Stem Only)
1 x Part NV029J Valance Clip
1 x Part NV038 Vertical Track Carrier
1 x Part NV036 Click On Picture For Information
1 x Part NV005- Hunter Douglas Carrier Uses Plastic Link
1 x Part NV032 Luminette Carrier
1 x Part NV015- Top Plug For Vertical Fabric
1 x Part NV024- #6 Chain $.99 Per Foot
1 x Part NV023A-Decomatic Vertical Carrier
1 x Part NV026- #10 Vertical Chain $.99 Per Foot
1 x Part NV012B1- Plastic Link
1 x Part NV002D - Wand Control
1 x Part NV016- 2.2 mm White Vertical Track Cord $0.15 per Foot
1 x Part NV002 Vertical Track End Control
1 x Part NV021B - Black Lock Washer
1 x Part NV005B- Vertical End Cap For Hunter Douglas
1 x Part NV004- Vertical Slat Fabric Insert 3 3/8" Wide
1 x Part NV029A Valance clip
1 x Part NV029D Valance Clip
1 x Part NV029H- Valance Clip

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