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2.7mm nylon drapery cord $.25 per foot
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2.7mm nylon drapery cord $.25 per foot $0.25 1068 (in stock) Buy Now
White Tension Pulley (screws not included)
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White Tension Pulley (screws not included) $3.99 21 (in stock) Buy Now

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1 x Part NP07A Wear Bar
1 x Part NP49- Small Left Side Control For Ultraglide
1 x Part NP72B-Right Side Cord Clutch
1 x Part NP03E-Clear Plastic Stopball
1 x Part NP52 Cord Clutch
1 x Part NP38- Gray Motor For Cordless Blind(no returns)
1 x Part NP67 Right Side Red Motor (no returns or refunds)
1 x Part NP03D Plastic Washer 1/4" Outside Diameter
1 x YNP01E-Del Mar Vanilla Left Side
1 x Part NP39A stopper
1 x Part NP65L Blue Motor Left Side (no returns or refunds)
1 x Part NP05 Cord Lock, Use 0.9mm Cord
1 x Part NP44- Shaft And Connector For Ultraglide Shade
1 x Part NP08a -New style guide(you must drill out grommet to fit)
1 x Part NP72D-Off White Right Side End Cap
1 x Part NP081-Tan Graber Lock, Use 0.9 or 1.0mm Cord
1 x Part NP71 Off White Left Cord Clutch Cover
1 x Part NP21- Cord Clutch Uses 2.6mm Cord Loop
1 x ANP10-Hunter Douglas Large Pleat Cord Lock Right, Use 0.9mm Cord
1 x #V013A (Qty 1) Cord Holder (screws not included)
1 x Part NP16C-Cord Clutch For Easyrise, Use 2.6mm Cord Loop
1 x Part NP37- Motor For Cordless Shade Black(no returns)
1 x Part NP55- Cord Clutch With Cover
1 x Part NP03H- Cord Tassel Clear Plastic 3/4" Tall
1 x Part NP03C Clear Plastic Condenser
1 x YNP01D-Right Del Mar Green Lock
1 x Part NP06E-Comfortex Off White Cover For Large Cord Lock
1 x Part NP77 Blue Motor (no returns)
1 x Part NP07EE- Cord Guide 1 3/8" Wide
1 x Part NP43- Gear Assist
1 x Part NP07- Cord Guide 1 1/4" Wide
1 x Part NP03F-Milky White StopBall
1 x Part NP70 lock only for part NP68-69, I use 0.9 cord
1 x ANP09-Hunter Douglas Large Pleat Cord Lock Left, Use 0.9mm Cord
1 x Part NP59 Cord Clutch With Cover
1 x YNP01EF-Metal Cord Guide
1 x Part NP16B- Cord Clutch Is Replaced With Part NP16C
1 x Part NP10A- Cord Guide 1 3/4" Wide
1 x Part NP65 Right Side Blue Motor (no returns or refunds)
1 x Part NP36A Clear Plastic Plug
1 x Part NP06D-Left Side Side Large Cord Lock, Uses 1.0mm Cord
1 x Part NP02- C Clamp For Cord Loop System
1 x Part NP40-Light Green Trans Fits Rod With a Groove(no returns)
1 x Part NP23 (Qty 1) Clutch Cover
1 x Part NP69A Large Right Side Body
1 x Part NP28- Right Side Cord Lock, Uses 1.0mm Cord
1 x Part NP17-Verosol Pleated Shade Cord Lock(off white) Use 0.9mm C
1 x Part NP06-Comfortex Right Side Small Cellular Cord Lock, Use 1.0
1 x Part NP67A- Right Side White Motor (no returns or refunds)
1 x Part NP46- Right Side Control For Large Ultraglide
1 x Part NP36C Off White Plastic Plug
1 x Part NP16A- Plug For Easy Rise Tape
1 x Part NP64 Right Side Grape Motor (no returns or refunds)
1 x Part NP62 cord guide
1 x Part NP06B-Comfortex Off White Cover For Small Lock

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