Shipping & Handling Charges

United States:  $4.95 per order.   Most orders placed by 3pm CST ship the same day.

Worldwide:    Not Available

Return Policy

Shipping & handling fees are non refundable.

No returns on cut cordage, wands and cordless shade parts.

All other parts are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Parts must be returned within 14 days.  (Return postage is non-refundable)
1 x Part NM043C -Not Available (Compatible Tilter Will Ship Out)
1 x Part NM014-Levolor Wand Tilter (New Version Ships Out)
1 x Part NM035- 1 Inch Wand Tilter Left Side
1 x Part NM046- Craddle For Low Profile
1 x Part NM007- Cord Tilter For 2 Inch Levolor Blind (Fits Low Prof
1 x Part NM013- 2" Wand Tilter For Low Profile Fits Hex Rod
1 x Part- NM018A-Off-White Wood Wand 36"(no returns)
1 x Part NM024- Mini Blind Cord Lock
1 x Part- NM009H-Dark Walnut Plastic Cord Tassel
1 x Part NM006- Cord Tilter For 2 inch Blind (Fits Square Slot)
1 x Part- NM016a- Clear Plastic Wand 30"(no returns)
1 x Part NM004A-Discontinued (new version will ship out)
1 x Part- NM009G-Medium Walnut Plastic Cord Tassel
1 x Part- NM052 Levolor Mini Blind Cord Lock
1 x Part NM043-Black Wand Tilter 2" With Hook
1 x Part- NM080 Clear Plastic Plug Fits 3/4" Hole
1 x Part- NM009C3 Clear plastic tassel 1 1/4" tall
1 x Part- NM009AA Satin White Plastic Cord Tassel 3/4" Tall
1 x Part- NM009J Antique White Wood Wand 36" Long(No Returns)
1 x Part NM041E Clip For 2 1/2" Valance
1 x Part NM003BB1-Wand Tilter- Click On Picture For More Info
1 x Part NM004C-Cord Tilter Fits Hex Rod
1 x Part- NM085 2" Bottom Rail Plug (1 Plug)
1 x Part NM040H- Valance Clip
1 x Part NM015- Wand Tilter For One Inch blind
1 x Part- NM009C2 Light Brown Wood Tassel 1 1/4" tall
1 x Part NM012A Cord Tilter High Profile
1 x Part NM013M Wand Tilter For 2" Blind Zinc Loop
1 x Part NM006B- Wand Tilter For Levolor Blind
1 x Part- NM082 Medium Brown Plug Fits 3/8" Hole
1 x Part NM027A- 2" Tilter Fits Square Rod-Metal Stem
1 x Part NM043B-(Compatible Tilter Will Ship Out) Select Blinds Tilt
1 x Part- NM019C White Plastic Wand 36"(no returns)
1 x Part NM038E - 1" Wand Tilter

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